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It all started when…

“You spun gold out of this hard life, conjured beauty from the things left behind, found healing where it did not live, discovered the antidote in your own kitchen, broke the curse with your own two hands. You passed these instructions down to your daughter who then passed it down to her daughter.” — Warsan Shire

Black womyn,

Thank you for entering this space. You are who we made it for, and we thank you for being right on time.

January 1, 2018 marks the official launch date for Life of a Single Spoon, the digital platform for black millennial womyn in the real world — a saucy blend of the personal, professional and political.

As co-founders, we started this site to build community among black femmes. We wanted to take the funny, quirky, sometimes shady and always real conversations we have with our close friends and bring them to a larger audience. There is so much dopeness among black womyn and it deserves to be highlighted and preserved. We want Spoons to be that gathering place where we can come access the content relevant to us and create community.

Spoons currently exists on a closed Facebook group, with over 2000 black femmes, but in 2018, we will transition to a functional website that will be the permanent home for all of our content and allow for deeper and more dynamic engagement.

Importantly, Spoons is a place that recognizes our diversity. We are first generation Americans, descendants of American slaves, queer, straight, gender non-conforming, gender non-binary, religious, spiritual, free spirited, atheist, vegans, omnivores, fitness enthusiasts, stay-in-the-bed-with-Netflixers, Cardi B stans, Beyonce obsessors…the list continues. There is no one way to be a black womyn, but there is one place we can all go to speak and be heard. That place is Spoons.

The genesis of Spoons, as it exists today, is a fun(-ish) story — one we will detail in our second weekly newsletter (so sign up on our website!), but the philosophical rationale is simple: from birth, Black women are taught and expected to love on everyone except themselves.

We aren’t doing that anymore.

It is time to put the energy and time we spend on others into ourselves and to bend the world to toward our magic with our “own two hands” by:

…And the list continues.

All the while, as we take up this task, we show our mamas, sisters, grandmas, aunties, cousins, friends and future daughters what it means to be in love with their beautiful black selves.

This is our purpose for 2018. You deserve to enter the new year in a loving community of black femmes who will support, encourage and nurture you on your journey. Join us here and sign up for more updates.

(If you don’t identify as a black femme, but still want to support this community, follow us on Instagram @lifeofasinglespoon and tell the black womyn in your life about us!)


Jasmine + Paige